What is covered?
If the fault is discovered in the original works after the contractor has ceased trading i.e. due to Liquidation, Receivership, administration or the winding up of the company due to bankruptcy, state retirement or death of the principal(s) and is therefore unable to honor their guarantee, you would lodge a claim.
A report would be prepared by another contractor to determine the cause of the problem and if the fault(s) would have been covered by the terms of the contractors written guarantee then the insurance will meet the reasonable costs of rectifying the defects up to the limited of the original contract price.


What is the policy term?
Usually the policy term is linked to the number of years guaranteed by the contractor, which for many trades is up to 10 years and the cover commences from the date the contract is satisfactorily completed. Upon receipt of premium the Certificate of Insurance is issued.

Who protects me?
The insurance is underwritten by Guarantee Protection Insurance Company Limited

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